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wildlife photos, wildlife picturesFeaturing scenic and wildlife photos from northeastern United States and Canada. We offer these and many more photos as high quality stock photography or as fine art prints. Publishers can use our Stock Photography Request Form, or feel free to inquire by email if you don't find the photographs you need on this site. Low resolution jpeg files can be emailed for your review. Partial list of publications that have used my work.

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Capturing photos of wildlife and wild places has been a passion of mine for the more than 40 years. In the following pages are a few of the photographs that are the result of my obsession. I hope that these pictures will inspire an appreciation of nature in others. Our wilderness and wildlife need to be preserved, for they are the true barometer of our own future.

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Stock Wildlife Photos,  wildlife pictures

Wildlife Photos, wildlife pictures

Wildlife Photography,  wildlife pictures

Wildlife Pictures

Wildlife Pictures,  wildlife photos

Wildlife Photography,  wildlife photos

Wildlife Photography,  wildlife photos

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wildlife photos, wildlife pictures
Site Contents:

Stock Wildlife Photography from North America:
wildlife photos, wildlife pictures

Wildlife Photos / Bird Photos Including:
Veery Nest, Eastern Bluebird female, Common Yellowthroat Nest, Pileated Woodpecker, American Tree Sparrow, Downy Woodpecker male, Virginia Rail, Common Grackle, Evening Grosbeak female, Northern Cardinal male, Black-Capped Chickadee, Killdeer Standing Over Eggs, Belted Kingfisher female, White-Breasted Nuthatch female, Cedar Waxwing Nest, Northern Cardinal female, Blue Jay, Gray Catbird Nest, Cedar Waxwing, Common Yellowthroat, Gray Jay, Slate-Colored Junco, House Finch male, Blue Jay, Eastern Bluebird male, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird female, American Goldfinch summer male, Common Redpoll male, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird perched, Tufted Titmouse, American Robin Nest, Yellow Warbler Nest, Greater Yellowlogs with crayfish, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Solitary Sandpiper

Wildlife Photos / Bird Photos - 2 Including:
Blackburnian Warbler photos, Black-Throated Blue Warbler, Black-Throated Green Warbler pictures, Black & White Warbler, Canada Warbler, Chestnut-Sided Warbler, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Northern Waterthrush, Common Yellowthroat, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Purple Finch, White-Throated Sparrow, Eastern Wood PeeWee, Gray Catbird, Indigo Bunting, Northern Oriole male, Northern Oriole female, Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Marsh Wren, Carolina Wren, Winter Wren, House Wren; many of these birds are pictured singing.

Wildlife Photos / Duck and Waterfowl Photos Including:
Hooded Merganser drake, Black Ducks, Ring Necked Ducks, Northern Pintail drake, Blue Winged Teal, pair, Green Winged Teal, hen, Green Winged Teal drake, Hooded Merganser hen with crayfish, Mallard drake up close, Mallards taking flight, Mallard reflection, Autumn Mallard, Hooded Merganser Photos, Common Merganser, Pintail Drake, American Coot, Pied-Billed Grebe, Bufflehead, Hooded Merganser with Crayfish, Common Loons on misty Adirondack morning, Canvasback, Immature Common Loon, American Coot, Mallard Flapping, Mallard Stretching, Double-Crested Cormorant

Wildlife Photos / Duck and Waterfowl Photos-2; Including:
Hooded Merganser eating fish, Black Duck, Ring Necked Ducks, Northern Shoveler photos, Redhead Ducks, Mallard drake in flight, Mallards taking flight, Mallard reflection, Autumn Mallard, Hooded Merganser Photos, Common Merganser,

Wildlife Photos / Wood Duck Photos Including:
Wood Duck Pair, Wood Duck hen, Wood Duck drake on log, Wood Duck drake flapping, Wood Duck drake close-up, Wood Duck chick, Wood Duck reflection, Wood Duck hen flapping, Wood Duck hen in tree, Wood Duck drake in tree, Wood Duck hen close-up, Wood Duck Pair on log, Wood Ducks in tree

Wildlife Photos / Goose Photos Including:
Canada Goose on bank of pond, Canada Goose Taking Flight, Canada Geese reflection, Canada Geese returning North, Canada Goose early Spring, Canada Goose flapping, Canada Geese landing, Canada Geese touch down, Canada Geese moving on, Canada Goose in early morning light, Canada Goose family, Canada Goose with chicks, Snow Geese, Snow Geese- 2, Snow Geese-3, Snow Geese blue phase, Curious Canada Goose, Canada Goose flapping - 2, Canada Geese & Snow

Wildlife Photos / Loon, Grebe, Coot and Moorhen Photos Including:
Common Loons on misty Adirondack Lake, Pictures of Loon flapping, Pied-Billed Grebe photos, Pied-Billed Grebe with chicks, American Coot pictures, Common Moorhen photos.

Wildlife Photos / Osprey and Eagle Photos Including:
Osprey-male taking stick to nest, Osprey-male taking stick to nest, Osprey-male taking stick to nest, Osprey-male in flight, Osprey-male in flight, Osprey-male in flight, Osprey-male in flight, Osprey-female in flight, Osprey-female in flight, Bald Eagle in flight, Bald Eagle calling, Bald Eagle in flight, Bald Eagle on deer carcass, Bald Eagles on deer carcass, Immature Bald Eagle on deer carcass, Bald Eagles in flight, Bald Eagles on ice, Bald Eagle in flight

Wildlife Photos / Owl and Hawk Photos Including:
Barred Owl, Barred Owl-2, Barred Owl-3, Snowy Owl, Saw-Whet Owl, Boreal Owl, Boreal Owl-2, Northern Hawk Owl, Screech Owl fledgling, Short-Eared Owl, Long-Eared Owl, Great Horned Owl, Snowy Owl-2, Snowy Owl-3, Harris Hawk, Northern Goshawk, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, Red-Tailed Hawk, American Kestrel, Harris Hawk-2, Peregrine Falcon, Northern Goshawk immature-feeding on deer carcass, Great Gray Owl on fence post, Great-Gray Owl on fence post, Great-Gray Owl, Great-Gray Owl on fence post,

Wildlife Photos / Gamebird Photos Including:
Ruffed Grouse female, Ruffed Grouse male strutting, Wild Turkey tom, Wild Turkey toms, Wild Turkey jake, Wild Turkey roosted, Wild Turkey strutting, Wild Turkey bearded hen, Ring-Necked Pheasant, Ring-Necked Pheasant-2, Ring-Necked Pheasant-3, Ring-Necked Pheasant-4, Ring-Necked Pheasant-5, Ring-Necked Pheasant-6, Bobwhite Quail female, Bobwhite Quail-2 male, Bobwhite Quail-3 male, Spruce Grouse, Woodcock sitting on eggs, Wild Turkey strutting toms, Wild Turkey strutting jake, Wild Turkey - jakes, Wild Turkey strutting. Wild Turkey double beard strutting, Woodcock Photos, Woodcock with Chicks,

Wildlife Photos / Heron Photos Including:
Great Blue Heron up close, Great Blue Heron-2 strutting, Great Blue Heron-3 strutting, Great Blue Heron-4, stretching, Great Blue Heron-5 strutting, Great Blue Heron-6 portrait, Green Heron, Green Heron-2, Green Heron-3, Green Heron-4, Green Heron-5, Great Egret, Great Egret-2, Great Egret-3, Great Egret-4, Great Egret-5, Sand Hill Crane, Sand Hill Crane-2, Sand Hill Crane-3.

Wildlife Photos / Large Mammal Photos (larger than fox) Including:
Bull Moose, Bull Moose-2, Bull Moose-3, Cow Moose, Black Bear, Black Bear-2, Eastern Coyote close-up, Eastern Coyote-2, Gray Wolf, Gray Wolf-2, Red Wolf, Red Wolf-2, Red Wolf yawning, Lynx, Bobcat.

Wildlife Photos / Small Mammal Photos (smaller than fox) Including:
Snowshoe Hare, Snowshoe Hare-2, Snowshoe Hare-3, Cottontail Rabbit summer, Cottontail Rabbit winter, Raccoon, Raccoon cubs, Chipmunk, Chipmunk-2, Red Squirrel, Gray Squirrel, Gray Squirrel black, Young Woodchuck , Woodchuck (ground hog), Muskrat, Opossum, Gray Fox, Stripped Skunk, Eastern Mole, Beaver, Mink, Gray Fox-2, Porcupine, Curious Chipmunk autumn

Wildlife Photos / Fox Photos Including:
Red Fox Photos, Red Fox Kit Photos, Red Fox Pup Photos, Red Fox Pounce Photos, Red Fox Portrait, Red Fox pictures, Gray Fox Photos

Wildlife Photos / Whitetail Deer Photos Including:
Photos of Large Bucks, Bucks Sparring, Trophy Whitetail Buck in Velvet, Deer in sunset, Bedded Fawns, Bedded Doe, Autumn Doe, Summer Doe, Doe nursing fawns, Winter Whitetails

Wildlife Photos / Butterfly & Moth Photos Including:
Baltimore, Eyed Brown, Harris Checkerspot, Viceroy, American Painted Lady, Bronze Copper Pair, Question Mark, Skipper, Skipper and Dew, Tiger Swallowtail, Blue Eyed Grayling, Acadian Hairstreak, Luna Moth, Io Moth, Great Spangled Fritillary, Tiger Swallowtail - 2, Rosy Maple Moth, Skipper on Buttercup, Banded Purple, Luna Moths, Luna Moth on Fern, Luna Moth on Maple Trunk, Pearl Crescent, Skipper on Timothy, Harris Checkerspot, Bronze Copper on Wild Iris, Skipper Pair, Polyphemus Moth, Hummingbird Moth, Hummingbird Moth, Hummingbird Moth, Silver Bordered Fratillary, Silver Bordered Fratillary

Wildlife Photos / Insect, Photos Including:
Dragonfly, Dragonfly-2, Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly, Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly-2, Damselfly-3, Mayfly on Knapweed, Grasshopper on Bull Thistle, Black & Yellow Argiope, Grass Spider, Metalic Wood Borer, Walking Stick, Walking Stick-2, Lacewing on Buttercup, Dragonfly-3, Dragonfly-4, Grasshopper and Dew

Wildlife Photos / Wildflower Photos Including:
Columbine, Wild Iris, Colt's Foot, Cardinal Flower, Spring Beauty, Deptford Pink, Fall Phlox, Dutchman's Breeches, Jack in the Pulpet, Fragrant Water Lily, Pink Lady's Slipper, Jerusalem Artichoke, Purple Trillium, Painted Trillium, Bunchberry, Wild Lupine, Yellow Lady's Slipper, Showy Lady's Slipper, Marsh Violet, Wood Sorrel, Squirrel Corn, Bloodroot, Black-Eyed Susan, Trout Lily, Spring Beauty, Hepatica, Pitcher Plant, Painted Trillium-2, May-Apple, Marsh Marigold, Skunk Cabbage, Large Flowered Trillium, Pink Lady's Slipper - 2, Star Flower, Mayapple Blossom

Wildlife Photos / Reptile and Amphibian Photos Including:
Bull Frog reflection, A Frog's Day, Eyes, Green Frog, American Toad, American Toad-2, Bull Frog-2, Wood Frog, Garter Snake, Garter Snake-2, Red Eft, Painted Turtle, Wood Frog-2, Wood Frog-3, Leopard Frog, Wood Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Painted Turtle - 2, Pickerel Frog, Gray Treefrog, Bull Frog - 3, Spring Peeper, Spring Peeper - 2, Northern Water Snake, Northern Water Snake - 2, Spotted Turtle

wildlife photos

Stock Scenic and Landscape Photography:
wildlife photos, professional pictures

Landscape Photos / Lake and Pond Photos Including:
Newcomb Lake & Santanoni Mountain -Adirondacks, South Pond & Blue Mountain- Adirondacks, Cedar River Flow -Adirondacks, Moss Lake Afterglow-Adirondacks, Dusk on Raquette Lake- Adirondacks, Pre-dawn Horseshoe Lake-Adirondacks, Sunrise on Horseshoe Lake- Adirondacks, Big Moose- Adirondacks, Gorton Pond-Tug Hill Plateau, Gorton Pond in winter-Tug Hill Plateau, Oneida Lake Sunset, Entering Nelson Lake- Adirondacks, Moss Lake and Solo Canoe- Adirondacks, Moss Lake spring-Adirondacks, Cascade Lake - Canoe Camping-Adirondacks, South Pond sunrise- Adirondacks, Big Moose Inlet Area-Adirondacks, Newcomb Lake - 2 Adirondacks, Moss Lake Sunrise-Adirondacks, Rainbow over Newcomb Lake- Adirondacks, Lake Manion-Adirondacks, Beaver Pond off Rt.3- Adirondacks, Horseshoe Lake sunset-Adirondacks, Lake Delta dawn, Rainbow on Lake Costello- Ont. Canada, Sunrise on Lake Costello- Ont. Canada, Lake of Two Rivers-Ont. Canada, Seventh Lake-Adirondacks, Cascade Lake-Adirondacks

Landscape Photos / River and Stream Photos Including:
Waterfalls, North Branch Moose River-Adirondacks, Raquette River -Adirondacks, West Canada Creek in Nobleboro- Adirondacks, Cascade Falls-Adirondacks, Winter on Moose River-Adirondacks, Salmon River Falls-Tug Hill Plateau, Chittenango Falls, Fall Brook-Tug Hill Plateau, Moose River Sunrise- Adirondacks, Fall Brook Falls- Tug Hill Plateau, Dawn on West Branch Fish Creek, Tug Hill Plateau ;  Opeonga Outlet-Canada, Moss Glen Falls-VT., Rainbow Falls-Adirondacks, Small Autumn Stream-Pixley Falls State Park, Canoeing Moose River-Adirondacks, West Branch Ausable River-Adirondacks, Footbridge East Branch Ausable River-Adirondacks, Mad River-Tug Hill Plateau, Lansingkill winter, Chittenango Falls - 2, Salmon River - Salmon Fishing, Ragged Falls-Ont. Canada, Moose River sunrise-Adirondacks

Stock Nature Photography Including:
Miscellaneous Photos, Includes photos of Autumn Leaves, Wildlife Tracks, Webs and Dew, Dew Drop on blade of Grass, Macro Photos, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Clouds, Rainbows, Various Landscapes, and much more

Additional Pages:
Wildlife Photography Tips for the aspiring photographer, New York State wildlife photography information, Fine Art Prints of wildlife and landscapes, Screen Savers including Wildlife and Landscapes from Northeastern America, Monitor Adjustment, Published Works, Used Nikon Equipment, Stock Photography Request Form, and Pictures of the Month.
wildlife photography

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